Lou Sorrentino


Ivory Girl



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The Moody Blues' keyboardist Mike Pinder awarded this recording in his Songwars contest. I began learning to play as a teenager while alone in churches at midnight when most were never locked. This led to a lifelong love for keyboards which never included a real grand piano. One divine day after divorce while out of work and depressed, I sent a desperate and passionate prayer for a sign of being loved. The next day, I read an ad by a complete stranger who knew nothing of me who was moving across the country. He and passed on his elegant $10,000 black grand piano to her new lover for free. Astonished at the synchronicity, this song soon emerged.


At the end of the week I can't wait to see my lover. I pull back the cover and she's there waitin' for me; waitin' for me alone and soon I know, with my hands I'll love her tenderly. Sometimes I hear her call me in the night. I rush to her to see what she will say. A fickle lover she's not. She gives me all that she's got and a song is born that bears our name. There in our musical world I make love to my Ivory Girl an find release from all that troubles me. Many times I've prayed for someone to love and cured this emptiness that I call home. I know you're not lookin' for me, but I'm here if you want me to be; here for you. You don't have to be alone. There in our musical world I make love to my Ivory Girl and find release from all that troubles me. You're there in the ivory, girl. You are my Ivory Girl.