Lou Sorrentino


Just Surrender

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For many of us, the passion to create is cradled by "Holding the things that I love with open hands. "


Just Surrender Something inside is different since I've made a choice, to surrender my will and boy, my mind and my voice. I've been touched by an angel, the muse is upon me, I'm free. I'm crackling with power that's flowing from deep within me. Surrender... Surrender. Holding the things that I love in open hands, searching for answers and trying to understand. In the midst of this madness, where can we turn for relief? What must we do to make our dreams real? Just surrender...Just surrender. THIS IS THE PURPOSE THE PASSION THE GLORIOUS PLAN; TO RE-WRITE THE SONGS OF THE AGES IN OUR OWN HAND. TO GATHER THE GARMENTS OF HISTORY AND FASHION OUR FATE. TO MAKE SOMETHING NEW, TO LOVE, LOVE AND CREATE. JUST SURRENDER. JUST SURRENDER Bring order from chaos, time from eternity. Give form to the nameless desires that long to be. What matters most is what you can trust and believe; to love with abandon and give more than you receive. Just surrender. Just surrender.