Lou Sorrentino


Old Dog



Anyone like Old Dogs out there? I wrote this a couple of years ago When I saw your movie is being made in CT today , I knew you would want this song.


I''m an old dog and you're a hot young chic. I won't pretend to be your daddy or try to be slick. Of all the young guys you can take your pick but this old dog will teach you some new tricks..... OWOOOOO... Baby, OWOOOO.... They say youth is wasted on the young. They must be jealous 'cause they ain't gettin' none. I may be fifty but I feel twenty-nine, but it won't matter in the midle of the night. OWOOOOO... Baby, OWOOOO.... When I see what I want, I stick to the plan. I'm a wolf; a hungry hunter man. You got my attention when you shook your hips. One whiff of you and I smack my lips. OWOOOOO... Baby, OWOOOO....