From the recording Away From The Path

This is a theme of my life; finding meaning in unusual places. Native Americans say "All My Relations" to express the unity of all nature. See photos.


Away From the Path
I took this trail before today but never saw what wonders lay away from the path I usually take. A fallen tree pointed into the swamp. I looked, listened and finally stopped. Spawn of the woodlands, a Green Man elf; to this nature I betroth myself. As the finger of bark dipped below the surface another world revealed it's purpose; away from the path I usually take. A sea of antlers sheathed in green velvet shimmered beneath the pastel sunset; rutting stags battling for harems, muted calls exchanged between them; thousands of tree roots intertwined, drunken in clothing of sphagnum moss wine. As I drew closer in child-like wonder my foot slipped, sucked down under. It was cold and dank with decaying mud. I pulled out quickly from the glorious muck. In that moment I knew All My Relations; the trees are my family; the forest my nation. My roots are not quenched not matter what I try, if I insist on staying safe and dry. That which I need most lies where I least look by muddy grey waters and hidden nooks; away from the path I usually take.