Historic Site advised by Ph.D. to State Archeologist 

The foundations of Beebe's mills on both sides of majestic Chapman Falls, Devils Hopyard State Park in East Haddam, CT serve as a reminder to guard our civil liberties such as Freedom of Speech, especially when the powers that be tell us they must be compromised in the name of preserving Liberty. In late 2012, this compelling Revolutionary War history story and authenticity of it's related artifacts was finally verified by an academic study. CT State Archeologist Nick Bellantoni supports this research…

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Historical Importance of Devil's Hopyard, 

Historical Importance of Beebe's Mills at Chapman Falls, Devil’s Hopyard State Park

The story of Beebe's Mills at Chapman Falls illustrates the conflicts of average people during the Revolutionary War era, and presents a wonderful way to teach history using both archeological and colonial document research. The Founders later crafted the Bill of Rights to insure similar atrocities were not committed in the name of Liberty.

The 1775 destruction of the gristmill at Chapman Falls in Devil’s Hopyard State Park…

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Uncas' true grave found? 

Concerning this new premise for the exact location of Uncas' grave, the Mohegan Tribe's Archivist said: "Dear Lou Sorrentino, I think you are a good research person...the questions those passages pose is interesting and could be a project for testing the premise in the future..." Faith Damon Davison, 10/5/2007, fdavison@moheganmail.com

There is a monument in Norwich, CT which most people assume was erected over the actual grave of Uncas; Sachem of the Mohegans. While some have long known this is not the…

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Ray Raphael, Renowned Historian's endorsement 

Ray Raphael, Renowned Revolutionary War Author of 'A Peoples' Guide to the American Revolution' Concerning research about Chapman Falls, Devil's Hopyard State Park, East Haddam, CT. verified by Peter Oliver's 1781 Origin and Progress story of Beebe's attack by the Sons Of Liberty Mob in 1775, and it's link to the gristmill ruins and it's millstone found in Chapman Falls at Devil's Hopyard State Park, CT Lou, Wow! You've gone far deeper into this than I did. Here are my thoughts: First, you don't have…

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-THE NEW YORK TIMES- "Uncovering a Millstone Who-Done-It" 

-THE NEW YORK TIMES- "Uncovering a Millstone Who-Done-It" *By ADAM BOWLES (NYT) 1440 words Published: January 25, 2004 SINCE he was a child, Louis Sorrentino has visited Devil's Hopyard State Park in East Haddam to go for a walk, take pictures of the scenery or enjoy a picnic. His love for the outdoors merged with his interest in history one day in the spring of 2002 when he spotted a large piece of a millstone in Chapman Falls in the park. Curious about its origins, he called the municipal…

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