1. Taxi Jerry

From the recording Taxi Jerry

Taxi Jerry came to the Recovery Club in middle age. He remained poor, didn't quote the books, was rough around the edges and had a reputation to match. It humbled me that at this funeral, I witnessed nearly 200 people celebrate his life. I recalled a plain-spoken cabbie dropping off dozens of detox patients where I worked as a counselor. Little did I know about him; Taxi Jerry did it for free! One by one, many of these same souls came up to to tell a story of how he saved them with his wisdom and generosity. Astounded, I said to myself, "How many will say that when my time comes?" In deep gratitude, I went home and wrote this song.


Tough as nails but tender; man of strong words. When he talked about his gratitude everybody heard-humility and kindness poured out of his soul. Tough love for a chaser. "Do what you're told!" He'd be the first to tell you; "I'm just another drunk who got another chance when I ran out of luck. We all got a story about the love he showed. Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine 'till everybody knows.

-Chorus: Taxi Jerry's driving his cab again tonight; pickin' up a stranger and hoping that he might-be a little comfort; shed a light; passing up those big fares; doin' what is right!

We thought we lost him not so long ago. Now he's come back one more time to make sure that we know. He says; "Life is short...Don't kid yourself. Go tell the one's you love. At closing time from the wine of life-you can't drink enough"

Chorus: (X2);
Passing up those big fares; passing up those big fares; doin' what is right!