1. Shake the Tree

From the recording Shake the Tree

This song was inspired by events covered by the New York Times, 1/25/04, "Uncovering A Millstone Who Done It"- Also see Photos- -"Hopyard Millstone" & "Don't Tread on Me" (motto and symbol of the Sons of Liberty) This story has special significance today as a symbol of how liberty can be taken away in the name of liberty, as in the Patriot Act. For further info enter Biography and Press.


I pledge allegence but I won't shut my mouth. It's not in my constitution. I've got to speak it out. Shake the tree if you love the fruit. For it to grow I've got to do my part.
Shake the tree of Liberty if you love the fruit. For it to be healthy it's got to be pruned. The great tree of Liberty is best kept alive by revolution in every generation and the blood of the martyr's lives.