From the recording I Dream A Woman

If you feel this may be you, write me a love song. (Cause I need one; 'cause I asked for it)


I dream a woman who's soft and kind. You know what I mean. She makes the birds green with envy 'cause she sings so serene.
High priestess of music & rhyme, here & now in this place & time. My body remembers, my senses recall and I shudder!
She dreams a man who's strong enough to wear a velvet scarf or cry for a stranger or play with a child that he just met in the park.
There'll be music & dancing & all kinds of art. Do what they love right from the start, all in the language of the heart.
I dream a woman who's got the call; a calling like I do. I'll watch her back. She'll watch mine too; Songcatchers makin' music for the world.