1. Daddy's Train

From the recording Daddy's Train

Having met him at an AA meeting on his first day out of prison he cried to a stranger over coffee at midnight. Broke on Christmas Eve and desperate to get his child presents, he ended up shooting a bank guard in a blackout. His wife divorced him and refused to let his children visit. He spent 20 years re-living cherished moments with his son while hearing a passing train. He imagined his son asking if it was daddy' train coming home. I recalled a similar train whistle heard with my own father after dinner and connected with him. It was painfully clear that I could have easily been in his shoes and the Grace of God, this is mostly his story.


Heard of lot about surrender. Tough hearts all turn tender when they're down on the floor. Christmas Eve; there ain't no presents. "Daddy please! Don't forget us children waitin' at the door. More whiskey in my belly; I shot a bank guard who told me; "Give it up! Don't do it son!" They caught me quick and gave me twenty years of pain. I've seen plenty! What can this boy do?"

Chorus: No words can tell the tale of a heart that's locked in jail. Can't forget their faces or their eyes. Comin' soon. I just know it. Think I hear hear a whistle blowin' of Daddy's Train comin' home. Daddy's Train comin' home.

Crowded room; I'm all alone and weary. I can picture her young eyes asking "Why?"
Now I'm grateful for the memory but how I wish it would let me live in peace or even breath a sigh. So people learn a lesson. Think of what you'll be missin'. There''s no exceptions. Justice is blind. Work hard and stay humble.... and you wont stumble or you will find.

Chorus: (X2)