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October 05, 2009 @07:03 am, Heather Marchant

It was a treat to hear you playing at the Old Faithful Inn. We really enjoyed your music.

September 15, 2009 @06:47 pm, John Tato Jr

Hey lou its john tato from rehab, just checking your website, your music is such a inspiration, its keeping me sober for now! i know its a battle but this music makes me happy, and lets me realize all the good in life with out using and being high! keep up the work lou and keep spreading your message through music!

August 01, 2009 @08:08 am, Jaxsn

Glad to see you are "doing what's right" (Taxi Jerry)

July 09, 2009 @07:39 pm, Charleta L Beebe Affeldt

I just finished reading the article about Beebe's Mill and Chapman Falls.I think that it is GREAT!! It filled in alot of answers to stories that I have heard about my CT. ancestors. My grandfather left Sharon CT. at the age of 5yrs. His father is burried in Sharon.He passed away before I was born in 1929. I heard about the cousins that went to Canada and I am from the group that came to the midwest. Thanks so much for such an enlighting article.

March 07, 2009 @12:47 pm, greetingsfrompoland

Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !

December 28, 2007 @07:21 pm, Michael Rice

Lou, Great site with lots of good info. Thanks for everything at CVH!!

July 13, 2007 @03:04 pm, Scott Trieglaff

I LOVE your website. The photos are SO beautiful and inspiring.

March 22, 2007 @07:25 pm, Cindy Corriveau

HI Lou--Great pictures. Great website. Drop me a line...We would love to have you as a guest on our televeisoin show Ghost Chat New England: History, Mystery, Legends and Ghosts (C)www.freewebs.com/ghostlady40. thank you Sincerely, Cindy Corriveau Ghostlady Productions (C) Ghost Chat New England: History, Mystery, Legends and Ghosts www.freewebs.com/ghostlady40

December 30, 2005 @01:12 pm, celeste angelique


November 01, 2005 @02:07 pm, MAX'N

wow lou, your pictures really do tell a story. it show your one of your many talents. great job Mayra's friend Maxn

October 02, 2005 @09:34 am, Aida 'Kathy' Velez

Lou, I found the combination of spirituality and nature captured in your photographs to be breathtaking. Each picture sends a message. My favorites are lightfall and Door to the sun. Thank you for sharing your work. Mayra's sister

August 01, 2005 @02:43 pm, CM Fry

I'm glad I didn't design your website; this is beautiful and far better job than I could've managed!!!